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Does your business need a Facebook page?

posted on Friday, May 15, 2015

Facebook is a huge brand. It’s now over 10 years old with over a billion monthly users. This means that it’s more active than fellow social network platforms Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Anyone can start a business page on Facebook. Rather than ‘friending’ you, consumers will ‘like’ your page to subscribe. As well as pages, there are groups which means you can not only reach out to individual consumers but be a part of their online community. You can even set up your own group whether you have a business page or not. 

Facebook also allows you to advertise to targeted groups, for a fee of course. And you can spend a little extra to promote your page, meaning that people who aren’t subscribing will see it and hopefully click to follow you.


So is Facebook the right social media network for you?


Businesses that Facebook can work for

To know if Facebook is right for your business, you need to compare the people who use Facebook to your target audience. According to EMarketer, there are marginally more women than men in Facebook and the majority are aged between 25 and 34.

Facebook has a reputation though, which the statistic don’t show. It’s known for being a place where people go to show off, whether that’s their new car, job or baby. Many of the active people on Facebook are families, young parents looking for bargains and support, and people who take a keen interest in their community. 

So if your business focuses on locality or provides a product or service for parents of young children, it’s worth developing a Facebook page to see if it helps your business.


How to make Facebook work for you

While it might seem great that so many people use Facebook, the truth is that the more people on the network, the less chance of your post being seen. In fact, SocialMediaToday has reported that only 6% of your unadvertised posts will actually get viewed.

The amount of information on Facebook is so great that the company has an algorithm for selecting who gets to see which content. Your content needs to be as engaging as possible, because the more people who interact with a post, the more Facebook will show that post to other people.

So it goes without saying that making a Facebook work, takes work. A lot of work. While you don’t need to post regularly throughout the day as you do with Twitter, you do need to post something original at least once a day to make the page effective. And, because the brain processes images faster than text, this content should always be visual, whether that means a photo, video or simply accompanying some news with an image. 

You can be creative with your content. As well as news post exclusive promotions, host competitions encouraging customers to post their own photos to your page. Above all, remember to be social. Respond to people’s questions and comments in a helpful and positive manner to help build your business’s reputation.


Does your business suit Facebook?

Whether or not Facebook will work for your business depends on your target audience, how much work you put into it and, dare we say it, luck. But if you’re ready for the challenge and Facebook users match your market, then Facebook might be the winning social network for you.

If you think Facebook could be the social media platform for your business but you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with Creative Collie today. We’d love to help you.

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