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How to increase exposure of your business using Twitter

posted on Friday, May 08, 2015

Twitter sits perfectly between the personal Facebook and professional LinkedIn, where there is a place for everyone from celebrities and big brands to the everyday person and small business. With 750 million users, Twitter is big and growing every day, and it can be the perfect place to grow your brand.

As with all social network sites, Twitter is about building relationships. But when your messages are limited to 140 characters and instantly lost in a wash of so many tweets, how do you grow your Twitter following and make people know you exist?


Research your customers 

Once you’ve created your Twitter account, you need to find your customers. First of all, help them to find you by including a link to your new Twitter account on your website (your friendly web design team can help with this) and any other social media accounts you run.

You need to think about who your customers are. You probably have an outline of your target market and the keywords they may be searching for, so try putting these into Twitter’s search function. The best way of making potential customers aware of your existence is to reach out and start a conversation, or by joining in with group conversations.

You’ll find these group conversations through hashtags. Hashtags (#) are a way of grouping certain messages together and how a number of people have one conversation on Twitter. Search through Twitter for your business’s keywords and chances are you’ll find a lot of hashtags that your customers are using. These hashtags are where you’ll find your market.



There are all kinds of people on Twitter. New parents, car lovers, teenagers looking for the latest gadget, animal lovers, cycling enthusiasts, movie lovers, and lots of other small businesses. And chances are, each group of people has at least one specific hashtag that they call their own and use to chat to one another at particular times during the week. For businesses, these are called networking hours, but you’ll also find them for craft makers, writers, readers, etc.

Using the approach we looked at in researching your customers, you can find these hashtags and discover when these chats take place. Then it’s simply a case of logging on and joining in at the appropriate time.

Whatever you do, don’t use sales speak. There simply isn’t enough space in 140 characters for marketing speak and the majority of Twitter users will ignore it. If you want to make an impact, you have to connect and that means talking like a normal human. Don’t worry, most people on Twitter are friendly if you are.


Share, share and share 

Of course you should be friendly on Twitter, but the key to getting your business and brand noticed on Twitter is to share. You don’t have to constantly share your own content. As you go about your working day and find interesting articles, images or videos related to your industry, share them with your followers. Successful marketing on Twitter isn’t just about going on about your own business, you need to be helpful and talkative about your industry, to prove yourself as an expert and to stay up to date with your industry trends.

The more you share with your followers, in a helpful and positive way, the more followers you will accrue and they will be more inclined to share when you do tweet about your business. It seems simple, and with some planning and a lot of time, your business can reach new and existing customers on Twitter.

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