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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With Google making changes to their algorithms almost monthly it pays to keep your keywords and descriptions up to date. Reports on this vary but it is worth updating the content on your website at least once a month by replacing page content or updating a blog. Blogs are a great way of keeping content up to date as it also gives potential customers/clients an idea as to the kind of work you do and also how you interact with customers. If you're posting about relevant industry news visitors are more likely to turn into clients!

Search Engine Optimisation isn't only about keywords though, it also involves making sure all images have the right tags associated. Did you know all image tags should have a 'title' and an 'alt' tag? If an image can't be loaded for some reason your browser will show whatever is written in the 'alt' tag for website visitors. As long as your alt tag is worded correctly it means if the image isn't loaded the website visitor can still see what the image was about. 

SEO also involves having certain title tags on the page. H1 and H2 tags are title tags that Google likes to see as the first pieces of text on the page. 

Why We Use Umbraco?

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Umbraco is an open source content management system that powers some of the largest and well known companies and brands all over the world. Peugeot, Heinz and Costa Coffee all use Umbraco to run their websites. With a multitude of fantastic features, the CMS allows even non-techie clients the ability to update their website themselves at any time and anywhere.

We have been using Umbraco for the last 5 years and we have never come across a problem. We've had nothing but praise from our clients who all took less than half an hour to get used to the system and begin adding new pages and content to their website.

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