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We consider ourselves Umbraco CMS experts in that we have a vast knowledge of the open source system and have experience in developing both small and complex websites for a range of clients. Umbraco is our favourite CMS because it allows us developers to adjust and tweak the systems to get a tailor made solution for each project. It also allows the client the ability to log in whenever and wherever they like to update their website themselves. We have found this to be a big selling point for our clients who have come from a basic HTML website where they needed to contact their web designer to update some wording on one of the pages (at a cost!) whereas now they're using Umbraco the client can update these details themselves quickly and at no cost at all. 

We can also provide web design services separate to development so if you're looking for a PSD design to take to another developer or just to see what is possible with your website please get in touch. 

Why We Use Umbraco?

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Umbraco is an open source content management system that powers some of the largest and well known companies and brands all over the world. Peugeot, Heinz and Costa Coffee all use Umbraco to run their websites. With a multitude of fantastic features, the CMS allows even non-techie clients the ability to update their website themselves at any time and anywhere.

We have been using Umbraco for the last 5 years and we have never come across a problem. We've had nothing but praise from our clients who all took less than half an hour to get used to the system and begin adding new pages and content to their website.

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