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Published: 2019-06-12

Science is an autonomous value of adventurous humanity. Of course, since there are other autonomous values, the adventure of science may sometimes be tragic, there may be conflict. But we can hope to lessen this conflict if we bear in mind our scientific and ethical responsibilities.

First our scientific responsibilities. Tim Gardam, Chief Executive of the Nuffield Foundation, recently delivered a speech to the British Computer Society on the history of data ethics and the importance of the Ada Lovelace Institute. The Ethical Challenges of Socially Responsible Science.

Recognizing that one should address the value implications of one's research is an important first step toward exercising social responsibility, but it is only the beginning, since scientists may still face difficult ethical questions related to acting responsibly. Scientific ethics calls for honesty and integrity in all stages of scientific practice, from reporting results regardless to properly attributing collaborators. This system of ethics guides the practice of science, from data collection to publication and beyond.

As in other professions, the scientific ethic is deeply integrated into the way. SCIENCE AND RESPONSIBILITY: email this page to a friend 'It is a major social obligation of scientists to alert the public to any social implications or possible dangers of their work. But scientists, like all of us, enter the future backwards and thus often cannot see the long-term implications of their discoveries.'

Publisher Summary. This chapter examines the importance of communicating issues of social responsibility and ethics in science education. There is a real danger of society becoming divided into a minority having some knowledge and understanding of science and its social issues, and the majority who feels that science is too difficult to understand, not of its concern, and that it is being. The ethics issue: The 10 biggest moral dilemmas in science; The ethics issue.

The 10 biggest moral dilemmas in science. But who will take responsibility for their actions? Science and ethics. Ethical problems were considered to be the responsibility of the company and not of the scientists. The ethics of science is not a personal problem but a collective problem that involves all scientists at a personal but also at a general level.

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